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Pull behind mcs, motor bike or trike.

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From: Jim DeForge
Sent: Monday, September 02, 2014 12:27 PM
Subject: Goldwing & Trailer


Ricky ,

Here is a pic of my 1999 Goldwing Aspencade & Nomad Trailer that I purchased last year. This picture was taken at an overlook on the Foothills Parkway on the way to the Tail of the Dragon.

The only problem I had with this trailer is a minor wiring issue that was been identified by the manufacturer prior to me calling in for assistance with the issue. The problem was that the spare tire was pinching the wires and caused a short, which blew out my 5-4 wire converter. I talked to a guy at Mini Trailer USA, I forget his name, but he was VERY helpful and sent me the full wiring harness for the trailer (front to back). After I took the old wiring off and installed the new wiring I no longer had any problems.

This is why I always buy American Made products whenever I can. Their customer service is impeccable!!!

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and a well-built trailer!!

Jim DeForge


Goldwing & Trailer

From: Tom Sampson
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 12:52 PM
Subject: comment on trailer

 I wanted to let you know my trailer arrived the other day (earlier than expected) and I just put it together last night. I have not been able to try it out yet being as we still have snow falling as I am writing this.
"Quality and pride" are the two words I can describe your product. I could not believe how perfectly everything went together. How the X and O and L and R markings indicating the correct sides of the axels and fenders. Also how the bolts were in their appropiate spots and how every hole lined up absolutely perfectly. To see someone take the time to mark things out and install the bolts in the corrcect holes etc. shows the amount of "quality and pride" in your "AMERICAN MADE" trailers! I will definately tell the people I know about you if they are looking for one! Keep up the good work!
Tom Sampson
Stacy, MN

Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer

Shadow Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer - Product Review

Posted: 3/11/2013

Product: Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer

Manfacturer: Mini Trailer USA

Model Tested: Shadow

Reviewed By: Lucky of

Overall Rating: Excellent

Where to Buy: Mini Trailer USA Website

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First things first, getting your trailer.  If you are in or around northeast Oklahoma you can pick up your fully assembled trailer at the Mini Trailer USA facility in Cushing, OK.  However if you are not in the area (like myself) you can have your trailer shipped to you via ground freight.  You pay only the freight charge with no markup – contact Mini Trailer USA at 918-225-0708 for the exact shipping cost to your location.

My trailer arrived securely packed and in excellent condition.  As stated on the Mini Trailer USA website, total assembly time is about an hour.  All you need to do is bolt on the torsion suspension/axles, wheels, fenders, tongue and top luggage rack – a total of 21 bolts and 10 wheel lugs.  The only tools required for assembly are a 1/2” and 9/16” wrench or socket and a 3/4” lug wrench or socket for the wheels.

Once my trailer was assembled and on its wheels it was time to look it over.  From my first look at the trailer I could tell this was one WELL MADE TRAILER with only top of the line parts and super attention to detail in the fabrication and assembly.

The first thing that stood out was the flawless finish on the entire trailer, not only the visible trailer box, even the powder coated frame and tongue have a perfect finish. The attention to detail in the fabrication of the trailer was also immediately noticable… all of the welds and corner bends are perfectly clean and smooth.  The STOCK 5 lug Aluminum Star Rims with a chrome center cap and chrome lug nuts add a real nice touch to the overall appearance.  The inside is completely carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpet for a good look and to help protect your cargo and the trailer box.  Also included is foldaway stand on the tongue (something you do not get standard on most trailers) that is really handy once you disconnect your trailer.

Safety was not overlooked by Mini Trailer USA.  The trailer comes with quality 6 ply tires, a sturdy 1-7/8" hitch coupler, secure safety cables, large bright LED tail lights and side reflectors.

Mini Trailer USA claims the trailer is completely water resistant to handle any weather, so I gave it a test.  I loaded the trailer with waded up toilet tissue to detect any moisture getting inside and took a high pressure hose to it.  I thoroughly sprayed the trailer for over 15 minutes from every direction including from underneath and even directly up into the lid overlap.  Not a bit of moisture got inside the trailer.  One note… I was told by the manufacturer to be sure to use a small amount of clear silicon sealant on the screws when mounting the luggage rack and the fenders during assembly to prevent any water from getting in around these screws.

Now for the road test-   As with any cargo trailer it is not really recommended to pull them empty for a long distance at highway speeds… but I did it anyway just to see how it acted.  The trailer is very well balanced with a tongue weight of just 20lbs and most of the weight over the wheels so even empty I noticed very little bouncing of the trailer and no sway.  Next I loaded it up with about 250 lbs of gear bringing the total weight to right around 450 lbs.  Moving the weight around and keeping the heavy stuff directly over the wheels I was able to maintain a tongue weight of 23 lbs.  The trailer handled like a dream, most of the time I could not even tell it was behind me.  To get a good idea of how well the suspension worked I had a support vehicle follow me to watch the trailer as I went over rough terrain and even intentionally moving the right wheel to the rough shoulder to see how it performed with just one wheel hitting bumps.  The suspension handled ANYTHING I would dare go over at any speed on my motorcycle absorbing all the shock keeping the trailer itself very stable.

Overall I am super impressed with my Shadow Trailer from Mini Trailer USA and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a trailer to pull behind a motorcycle.  I have yet to stop without someone coming up to me and complimenting my trailer.  I have got to agree... It looks darn good behind my bike!!!

We just got home from our 12 day/4400 miles trip to the Pacific Coast Highway and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the trailers. We had a total of 4 bikes and 3 were pulling your shadow trailers. All of the trailers were packed completely to the top with no room to spare. We used space saver bags during traveling for the sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows , towels and sweaters. This allowed us more room in the trailers. As the trip progressed we had to strap items on the top of the trailers and the rail was very handy for this. Having an ice chest was really nice, this enabled us to have drinks anytime and cook meals while camping out. During the trip we encountered some strong crosswinds (40 to 45 mph) from Needles to Bakersfield CA with no noticeable effects on the trailers. People were always coming up to us and asking about the trailers and stating how nice they look. We've attached some photos of the trip. 1st pic was made at the New Mexico/Arizona state line on Interstate 10. 2nd pic is at Pismo Beach, CA on Highway 1/Pacific Coast Highway. 3rd pic was made at Yosemite National Park. 4th pic was made at Sequoia National Park (can you believe the snow in May!...we didn't camp there!). 5th pic was made at Calico, CA (ghost town) off of Interstate 15. 6th pic was made at Grand Canyon Harley Davidson in Bellemont, AZ on interstate 40.

We took the trailer we bought from you for a little 4,000 mile joy ride. We found out where Obama is spending our Recovery Act money in all the national parks where the roads are under construction. Mesa Verda and Zion's roads are enough to shake the fillings out of your teeth. We rode in downpours in Colorado. We had no problem with our trailer. Just wanted to write and thank you for building a quality product.
Rod & Linda Crooks, SD

P.S. Another couple that was along had one of your competitor's trailers and they didn't fair so well. Their fiberglass lid sprung on the rough roads. They had to sit on each side to get the lid over the bottom part to get it closed. It was our nightly entertainment watching them.

Thank you again, for the trailer. We received it, and put it together no problems. titled and new license plate, and we love it. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great motorcycle pull behind trailer.
Lance, and Teresa Miles

Arrived today. Couldn't be happier, beautifully made trailer, a breeze to put together and looks awesome with my bike.

Here is a picture of my trailer behind my hot rod after I wrapped it , made a few other minor changes, I think it will work fine for me, plenty of room, thanks, Frank Dickerson ( you are welcome to use this picture on your web site if you would like )

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We love our Nomad. Don't even know its back there! Just got back from a North Carolina trip of 2,600 miles! - L.R. Haggard May 17, 2013

My wife and I just got back from a 2,374 mile trip from Stacy, Minnesota through the Black hills, down through Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo Colorado and back up through Kansas and Nebraska pulling our new trailer. I wanted to let you know it pulled PERFECTLY!! Even through the 35-40 m.p.h. winds across Kansas and Nebraska. also went through several hundred miles of rain for which everything stayed dry. I am completely happy with it and will continue recommending it to others. I have run across several people asking where I got it and have given them your information highly recommending it over all of the others I was looking at.

Thanks again,

Stacy, MN

Happy Motorcycle Trailer Customer
August 3, 2013
Finally got my bike wired up and was able to take my Shadow trailer out for my first test ride.  I put an old blanket in the trailer and loaded it with around 95 pounds of cinder blocks.  I took a 100 mile ride up to and on the Blue Ridge Parkway (see picture).  I went up some twisty roads and down some twisty roads.  I was able to stop and adjust my load to get an idea of how I want to load it in the future.  It handled great.  I can't say I didn't notice it was behind me, but then again it was the first time I pulled a trailer behind my bike, so my senses were tuned into every shake, sound and vibration.  Even though I knew it was there, it handled better than I expected on the test I put it through.  Once again, I must commend you and your crew for the quality you put in the trailer.  Assembly was a snap with no doubt as to how and where each piece went.  Thanks again and I will recommend you to everyone who inquires about my trailer.
Louie Johnson

Happy Motorcycle Trailer Customer

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